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Integrating people and numbers

Shoulder to Shoulder is development with a heart and a head, making data-driven decisions without forgetting the people and the lives behind the numbers.  – Brett Jennings, Assistant Coordinator, Medical Brigades, STS


Shoulder to Shoulder is versatile, and their stance in the southwestern corner of Honduras is committed. Community respect for the organization shows through the people you meet. In participation with an educational brigade through UNCA, I was able to interact with faculty and students in small primary schools and also interpret for patients and doctors in community clinic settings. The small towns with cobbled roads and old white mission-style churches located in the lush mountainous landscapes of Intibucá provide impressive locales to meet so many smiling and curious faces from all over the United States, Honduras and beyond. Intibucá, like all places, is not without its politics and difficulties, but it also is a place with so much to offer. Shoulder to Shoulder fosters the values of service and cooperation and provides a place for coming together, learning and sharing. – Jack

Tireless staff

Shoulder to Shoulder is full of incredible people tirelessly working together towards the same goal:  To improve the lives of people in Intibucá.” Ben Ranz, Director of Operations, STS

Acedemics and Epidemiology

Academically, STS offers a great venue to expose U.S. students to a systematic manner for value-added data collection on rural public health. Epidemiologically, the data can be used in the present, reviewed retrospectively for high caliber work because of the high quality of reliability in STS’s survey and collection methods. STS’s contribution is invaluable…[it] offers a wide and far-reaching impact on those that it comes in contact with.” Edwin Galan, Clinical Assistant Professor, Silver City Health Center – KU Health Partners


Shoulder to Shoulder exemplifies passion for helping the residents of Southwestern Honduras achieve their goals and greatest desired potential and empowers through encouragement and support for a healthy tomorrow. STS is life, love, and laughter!” Jessica Olingy, Nurse Practitioner