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Volunteer Opportunities

In country volunteers are critically important to the vision and mission of Shoulder to Shoulder.  With a generous and humble heart, they build new relationships of integrity and empowerment.  This is at the very heart of our commitment to the people of the Frontera, Intibucá.  The presence of new volunteers helps all of us in the ongoing renewal of that commitment.

Being a long-term volunteer is a tremendous commitment that implies huge challenges on many levels of human experience.  Still, the personal reward of such an experience can be one that yields a lifelong sense of meaning and contentment.  We want to honor you in your discernment of that which is drawing you toward such an awesome, life transforming experience.  Whatever your education level, your skill set, your time restrictions, etc., start the conversation today!

To understand more about what is involved in a volunteer experience with Shoulder to Shoulder, please review our Visitor / Volunteer Handbook 2016.

In their own voices…

The best way to understand what the experience of volunteering in a developing country is to hear from someone who has the experience. Matt Tibits volunteered at the Good Shepherd Bilingual School and left us with the gift of this video he created. We think it is an honest reflection and a remarkable testament. Check it out!

Changing Camasca

Ben Gebhardt volunteered at the Good Shepherd Bilingual School for three months. He gave an online interview for Read what he has to say about volunteering.

Online Interview with Volunteer Ben Gebhardt


Currently we are in need of volunteers to fill the following positions:

Apply by submitting your Resume and Cover Letter to Laura Manship (


General Requisites

Shoulder to Shoulder welcomes all volunteers, but some guidelines are necessary so that the experience can be meaningful for you and for those you hope to serve.

Time Commitment: A minimum of three months, and a preferred commitment of 9-12 months.  Particular exceptions according to circumstance can be considered.

Spanish: For school volunteers, no Spanish is required. For other volunteer positions, Spanish competency may be required.

Skills: Advanced skills in professional health, public health, education, administration, and social work would be considered extremely valuable.


  • Housing and a modest stipend are provided
  • Opportunity to learn/improve in Spanish
  • Experience working in a developing country
  • Association with a long-term, established NGO serving rural, low-resource communities

Contact Laura Manship ( for more information.