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Bilingual School Development and Construction

In August 2012, we began construction on the El Buen Pastor Bilingual Lenca School of the Frontier of Intibucá. During that time, teachers conducted classes in a rented house. By February 2013, preschoolers and kindergartners were beginning to communicate in English.

By May 2014, 16 kindergarten students and 18 first graders celebrated the end of another successful school year. Because of the active participation of the PTA, preschool students finished their English training outside of their regular schedules so they could join the bilingual school for the 2014-15 school year.

The Minister of Education, Shoulder to Shoulder, and AMFI (Regional Association of Municipalities/Mayors) signed a contract in November 2014 that establishes The Good Shepherd Bilingual School as a model, public, bilingual school. It is the only one of its kind in all of Honduras.  It is public, and therefore accessible to everyone, but because of the unique partnership, the school offers a quality, bilingual education unavailable in other public schools.  In April 2015, construction began on a second building for the campus to accommodate the increasing grades and enrollment.